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Power measuring watt meters are a necessity with today's energy saving awareness.  Using the PA110 several electrical measurements can be taken during testing - from just one set of connections. These instruments are important when accurate watts measurement is required for appliance testing, certification and traceability. In addition to power measurement (real power), reactive power (VAr), apparent power (VA), voltage Vrms, current Arms and power factor can be viewed with ease. The PA110 watt meter simply connects between the ac supply and the load, various current transformer and shunt options allow measurement with any size of current. Typical watt meter applications include appliances like lamps, microwave ovens, electric stoves, heating, air conditioning, TVs, monitors, computers, electronic lighting and motor controllers. Powertek wattmeters are equipped with safety terminals (4mm/banana) along with optional "breakout" boxes and clamp probes for fast and safe measurement.

Handheld PA110 single phase / PA120 three phase wattmeter
Rugged Portable Electrical Watt Meter


  PA110 and PA120 Wattmeters data sheet pdf


PA110 and PA120 Features


DC or AC true rms

Ranges 0.5V to 600V, 10mA-2A and 2A-10A

Watt range 0.2W to 6kW (can be expanded)

DC to 1kHz (ideal for 50/60 Hz systems)

Accurate at low power factor

Basic accuracy Volts 0.5%, Amps 0.7%, Watts 1.5%

Networks: balanced single-phase (PA 110) or three-phase (PA 120)

Voltage (V), current (A), active (W), reactive (VAr), apparent (VA) powers and power factor (PF)measurements

Starting inrush current 5A-65A (peak)

Digital transmissions protected by infrared communication interface

Ac or battery powered

Numerous functions: current range switching, HOLD, filtering, starting current, etc.

Excellent readability: 3 measurements displayed simultaneously with a digit height of 14 mm

The PA120 is designed for use in colleges, universities, installation and industrial maintenance departments. It measures active and reactive power on single phase and three phase 3-wire balanced power systems.  Even though the PA wattmeters measure many ac parameters, they are simple to operate.  In addition to the main ac measurements, it has INRUSH functions for loads which draw large current at switch on and an averaging function, extremely useful with unstable measurement conditions.

It is has a clear 14mm high, 999-count display capacity (4 digits) on three lines, with simultaneous display of three values: voltage, current and active power or reactive and apparent power.
A special feature of the PA110/120 wattmeters, is the RS232/USB interface based on infrared isolation. The link is established using a magnetized optical head positioned on the front panel of the unit ensuring true electrical isolation of its interfaces.

"Wattcom" data processing software is available as an option for data transfer, display of the quantities and screen printouts.

More spec:
Watt resolution: 0.1W - 1W depending range
Volt resolution: 0.1V 1Mohm input
Amps resolution: 1mA to 10mA depending range
Temperature range: 0-50C
Battery: 6 x 1.5V batteries 40 hours
AC power: 120V/230Vac powered
Size: 60 x 108 x 211mm
Weight: 0.835kg
IEC61010 safety: 600V, Cat III, pollution level 1
Warranty 1 year

PA110 DC/AC single phase balanced wattmeter
PA120 DC/AC three phase balanced wattmeter

2 voltage cable (red & black), 2 x 20A current cables, 2 test probes (red & black), 6 batteries, certificate of conformity, user manual and 1 year warranty

AC11 breakout box, specify USA, Euro or UK (allows safe-easy measurement between ac supply and load)
HX0012 Multi ratio current transformer 10-15-30A
HX0013 Data acquisition & processing software inc CD and RS232 optical cable
HX0021 120V or 230Vac Power Supply

PA120 Power Switch
Allows safe convenient switching between phases

PA110 and PA120 Wattmeters data sheet pdf

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