PA2100 PC Controlled Single Phase Power Analyzer

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The PA2100 is a PC controlled bench top power analyzer, allowing several electrical power measurements to be taken simultaneously during testing - from just one set of input connections. The PA2100's power measurement ability is a must in research and development, manufacturing and required for certification and traceability of manufactured goods. In addition to power measurements, apparent power (VA), harmonics, voltage, current, power factor can all be viewed and stored with ease. The PA2100 wattmeter simply connects between the ac supply and the load, various current transformer options allow measurement with any size of current from 10mA to 10000A. Typical watt meter applications include appliance testing; microwave ovens, electric stoves, heating, air conditioning, TVs, monitors, computers, electronic lighting, fans and motor controllers. Powertek wattmeters are equipped with 4mm/banana safety terminals along with optional "breakout" boxes and clamp current probes for fast and safe measurement.

Click here for PA2100 Datasheet  |  Click here for PA2100 User Manual

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bullet Measures W, V, A, VA, Power Factor, Frequency, Crest Factor, THD and Harmonics to the 50th harmonic
bullet 0.2% basic accuracy unaffected by waveform distortion
bullet Accurate at low power factor
bullet Fully auto-ranging, isolated measurement inputs
bullet Large LED display
bullet Captures inrush current
bullet Inputs to 1000Vrms (1440Vpk), 20Arms (125Apk) direct and up to 1200A using Option 04
bullet Wide input bandwidth; DC and 5Hz to 250kHz
bullet Parallel printer output, RS232-USB converter and cable included
bullet LabView Drivers available, GPIB IEEE-488 (option)
bullet Supplied with comprehensive PC software connected via USB to PA2100

Power Analyzer PC capability



DC, 5Hz to 250kHz
Display Resolution
 4 digit
Measurement range 0.7Vrms to 1000Vrms (1440Vpk)
(200mVrms with blanking disabled)
Max input volts 1000Vrms (1440Vpk) Overload: 3000Vrms for 1 second
Max input CF 20
Accuracy 0.2% Rdg 0.2% Range
0.02% per kHz 10mV
Common mode V
(1kHz @ 100V with 1kohm Imbalance)
Input Impedance 1Mohm 12pF
Display Resolution 4 digit
Measurement range 0.0144Apk to 125.00Apk
600Arms with Option 03, 1200Arms with Option 04
Max input Amps 20Arms (125Apk) Overload: 500Arms for 1 second
Max input CF 20
Accuracy 0.2% Rdg 0.2% Range
0.02% per kHz 2mA
Common mode V < 10mA
(1kHz @ 100V applied to Hi and Lo terminals)
Input Impedance 0.020 ohm
W 0.4% Rdg 0.2% range 2mW
(0.02/PF)% per kHz
W                            45-65Hz 0.2% Rdg 0.1% range
VA 0.4% Rdg 0.2% range
Range 0.000 to 1.000
Capacitive load Capacitive load
Inductive load - = Lagging PF
Accuracy 0.002 0.0005/PF per kHz
Range 1 to 20
Accuracy 0.002
Range 0.1Apk to 125Apk
  Up to 1200Apk with Option 04
Accuracy 1.5%
Range 5Hz to 125kHz
Accuracy 0.1% of reading
Range DC, Fund to 50th
Fund Accuracy 0.2% Rdg 0.2% Range
Harm Accuracy (0.1 + 0.02 per kHz)%
Range 0.1% to 999.9%, Via display 2% to 999.9%
Accuracy 0.3% 0.01% per kHz


General Specifications

Interfaces Types Centronics Printer standard
USB / RS232 (included)
IEEE-488 GPIB (option 05)

Operating Temperature 0C to +50C
Storage Temperature -40C to +60C
Humidity 10% to 90% RH non-condensing
Dielectric Strength


Inputs to case 4kV AC 50/60Hz for 1 minute
AC line input to case 2kV AC 50/60Hz for 1 minute
Power AC line input voltage 90V to 264V
AC line input frequency 45Hz to 450Hz
AC line input fuse 20mm 1AT
Power consumption 16W/30VA
Line input and EMC conformance IEC348 Class 1, IEC-1000-3-2
IEC801 Parts 1 to 4, EN55011, EN61010 Cat 1
Mechanical Weight 5.5kg
  Dimensions 215mm x 144mm x 390mm


Click here for PA2100 Datasheet  |  Click here for PA2100 User Manual

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