Model PA2553 Wattmeter
Three Phase Power Analyzer

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PA2553 datasheet pdf

PA2553 User Manual pdf


The six-key front panel has four "soft" keys with menus that simplify the selection of measurements.  In addition to numerical results, the PA2553 captures waveforms with 200-point precision.  These waveforms  can be displayed or directly output at full resolution to a PCL printer.  Power and amplitude measurements with a base accuracy of 0.1% are automatically synchronized to the fundamental frequency.  Peak measurements of voltage, current and power include continuous, inrush and history modes plus an accumulation mode for W-Hr, A-Hr and VA-Hr.

 Power Analyzer Features

  • Measures and displays power, frequency, harmonics, THD, CF, K-Factor, Triplens and Inrush
  • Up to 1500 volts peak, 40amps peak internally and up to 10,000 amps with the use of External Current Transducers
  • DC and 20mHz - 80kHz Frequency Range
  • Graphics Display shows numerical results, waveforms bar graphs and history plots
  • PCL/Test printer output, IEEE488 interface included
  • A 200ms to 10-Day historical logging feature
  • Built in supply for Hall Effect CT's
  • Transducer applications
  • 6-key front panel has four soft keys with toggle menus

Measurement Bandwidth Range DC, 20mHz - 80kHz
Refer performance graphs operation manual
Display Resolution 5 digit
Measurement Range 700mVrms to 850Vrms (2000Vpk)
Vpeak Ranges 950Vpk, 400Vpk, 1500Vpk 
Max input volts 1500Vpk
Accuracy 0.1% Reading + 0.1% Range 0.04%/kHz
DC 0.2% Reading +0.2% Range + 10mV
Common Mode 70dB
Input Impedance  
Voltage (option 1500V) DC 0.1% (0.25% above 500V) + 0.3V
20Hz to 5kHZ range 0.1% (0.24% above 500V) + 0.1V + 0.04%kHZ add 0.05%below 40Hz if AC coupled
Voltage to Voltage Crosstalk >110dB decreasing linearly to >60dB at 75kHZ
Phase (to other phase) 0.1 + 0.05/kH
VA   (Applies Voltage) x Current Accuracy + Applied Current) x Voltage Accuracy
Current Arms
Refer performance graphs operation manual
Display Resolution 5 digit
Measurement Range  
Amps Ranges  
Max input amps  
Accuracy 0.09% Reading + 0.1% Range 0.05%/kHz
Common Mode 70dB
Input impedance  
Power active power watts Accuracy  
VA apparent power Accuracy  
VAR reactive power Accuracy  
Internal Current (option 8A) DC 0.1% + 0.005A
20Kz to 5kHz range 0.1% + 0.005A + 0.04%/kHz
Current to Current Crosstalk >80dB decreasing linearly to >50dB at 75kHz
Phase (to other phase) 0.1 + 0.05/kHz
Phase (no voltage) 0.1 + 0.05/kHz
Internal Current (option 40A) DC 0.1% + 0.025A
20Kz to 5kHz range 0.1% + 0.025A + 0.04%kHz
External Current (option E, voltage input) DC 0.1%  + 0.0005V
20Hz to 5kHz range 0.1% + 0.00015V + 0.04%/kHz
External Current (option E, current input) DC 0.1%  + 0.01A
20Hz to 5kHz range 0.1% + 0.003A + 0.04%/kHz
Harmonics  Number Harmonics 50 or 40kHz/fundamental frequency (whichever smaller)
Absolute Harmonics  As signal accuracy + (0.05% x N) 
Relative Harmonics  0.1% + 0.04% kHz 
General Specifications
Interfaces Standard  IEEE488
Environment Operating Temperature 0 to +45C
Storage Temperature -30C to +65C
Humidity Operating: <85% RH @ 40C non-condensing
Storage: <95% RH @ 40C non-condensing
Dielectric Strength Inputs to case  
AC line input to case  
Power AC line input voltage 80-265Vrms (auto-selecting)
AC line input frequency 50/60/400HZ @ 25VA max.
AC line input fuse  
Power Consumption  
Crest Factor  Accuracy  From accuracy of peak results 
Range  1 to 20 
Integrated Results    Accuracy of integrated result + 0.05% + 10ms 
Load K-Factor  Accuracy  From accuracy of harmonics results, typical accuracy within 0.02 at line frequencies 
Range  1 to 999 
Frequency  Measurement Accuracy  0.05% (sampling synchronized to within 0.01%) 
Mechanical Weight 6lbs (2.7Kg)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 11.5in x 4.5in x 10.5in
(29.21cm x 11.43cm x 26.67cm)


PA2553 Rear Panel

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PA2553 datasheet pdf

PA2553 User Manual pdf

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