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DC Current Probes, DC Current Sensors

ATHiso Current Loop isolator

The ATHiso current loop isolator converts 4-20mA or 4-12-20mA to an isolated voltage or current loop output.

ATH Current Transducer
ATH Current Transducer

The ATH current transducer range converts dc or ac current to an isolated voltage or current loop output.


The C-Tran is combined three phase multifuction AC Power Transducer and three phase current transformer. The C-Tran is fully programmable through either of the two communication ports.

Programmable Set-point Relay
CRD-005 and CRD-020 Programmable Setpoint Relay

The CRD-020 and CRD-005 Programmable Set-point Relays are used for protection, voltage and current threshold sensing to within 1%, control and trip applications

vt7 / vt8 Transducer
DC and AC Voltage Transducers, Conditioner, Isolator modules

Use VT7 and VT8 transducers allow isolation and conditioning of ac and dc voltages, converting to rms, mean or instantaneous outputs. The VT7 and VT8 series voltage transducers are designed to measure AC+DC and AC voltage in 1 phase, split phase and 3 phase systems.

CTH through hole core Type 1
DC Current Sensors, Transducers, & Probes

The CTH sensors convert dc and ac current to an isolated voltage or mA output with the ability to track ac waveshapes. The CTH output is a faithful reproduction of the measured current, whether ac or dc.

IRF RMS converter module
IRF-rms rms converter module

The IRF-rms is an instantaneous to true rms converter module, easily matching the performance of high-end true rms voltmeters. Its purpose is to convert ac, ac+dc signals to an isolated dc signal representing the rms.

Model 3CTR
Model 3CTR

The 3CTR series current transducers are designed to measure AC current in 1 phase and 3 phase systems. They convert the AC current signal to an isolated DC output that is directly proportional to the input rms current.

VTH and VTHR Voltage Transducer
VTH and VTHR Voltage Transducers

The VTH and VTHR voltage transducers convert dc or ac voltage to an isolated voltage or current loop output.