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DP14k and DP20k High Voltage Differential Probes


DP14k and DP20k Differential Probe Features:
  • High Voltage Differential Probe, 14kV and 20kV
  • High Impedance input 54MΩ/1.3PF
  • <6.5V Low Voltage Indicate
  • <5.5V Auto Power Off
  • Allows safe measurement and isolates scope from ground
  • Option PL-10 to connect with a Digital DMM
  • Differential isolation probe
  • Used for Oscilloscope isolation
  • Suited for power electronic systems
  • Allow isolated floating measurements
DP14k and DP20k Specifications
Function / Model
Differential Voltage DC + AC pk
Bandwidth (50Ω load -3dB)
75MHz(x400, x1000, x2000)
20MHz(x600, x1500, x3000)
Common Mode Voltage DC + AC pk
Common Mode Voltage RMS Cat II / CAT III
Attenuation (Switchable)
x200, x400, x1000, x2000
x300, x600, x1500, x3000
Input R (Each Input)
27MΩ +/-1%
27MΩ +/-1%
Input C (Each Input)
2.5PF +/-2%
2.5PF +/-2%
Maximum Operation Voltage (DC + AC pk)
≤+/-1300V at x200
≤+/-1.9kV at x300
≤+/-2600V at x400
≤+/-3.9kV at x600
≤+/-6500V at x1000
≤+/-9.7kV at x1500
≤+/-14kV at x2000
≤+/-20kV at x3000
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)
60Hz: >10000:1
100Hz: > 1000:1
1MHz: > 300:1
60Hz: > 20000:1
100Hz: > 2000:1
1MHz: > 600:1
Noise (Into 50Ω Load)
3m Vrms
≤3m Vrms
Input Impedance (Between Input)
Accuracy (at 20-30 degrees Celsius 70%RH after 20 minutes)
Maximum Output Voltage
Power Source
External 6V-9V DC
External 6V-9V DC