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MC641 Programmable RTD Simulator

  • Real resistors switched by relays
  • Resistance range 10 Ω - 300 kΩ
  • Accuracy 0.1°C
  • Maximal Load 5 W
  • Maximal voltage 200 Vpk
  • Resolution from 0.001°C
  • Range of Pt sensor temperature simulation -200°C - +850°C
  • Connection 2, 3, 4-wire
  • Remote control RS232, optionally USB, IEEE488, Ethernet

Model MC641 is programmable RTD simulator with range from 10Ω to 300kΩ. Basic accuracy is 0.1°C, resolution is 0.001°C. Decade consists of high load resistors switched with combination of relays. Apart from RTD temperature sensor simulation (temperature setting in degree of Celsius or Fahrenheit) the MC641 can be also used as a standard resistance decade. Instrument can be controlled via RS232, USB, LAN or GPIB interface.

Typical Use

RTD simulator is designedfor use in industry as a device for tempertature testing of RTD evaluation units like temperature regulators, transducers, etc. Having resistance simulation function, MC641 can be also used as an ohmmeter calibrator or as a device for quality testing in industry as well. Simulator can be ordered as 19” module for easy assembling into a 19” rack. Module height is 3HE.

General Specifications

Maximal Voltage: 200V pk
Maximal Current: 500mA
Maximum Load: 5W
Reaction time: 6ms
Switching method: Fast/Smooth/Via short/Via open
Terminals: Gold plated terminals 4mm
Remote control: RS232 interface (optional USB, LAN, IEEE488)
Power supply: 115/230Vac, 50/60 HZ
Reference temperatures: +20°C...+26°C
Working temperatures: +5°C...+40°C
Storage temperatures: -10°C...+50°C
Dimensions W  x H x D: 15.3in x 5in x 12.2in
(390mm x 128mm x 310mm)
Weight: 4kg

Resistance Accuracy

Range/Resolution Accuracy
10.000 0Ω - 20.000 0Ω 0.05% + 15mΩ
20.001Ω - 200.000Ω
200.01Ω - 1000.00Ω 0.02%
1.0001kΩ - 3.0000kΩ 0.02%
3.001kΩ - 10.000kΩ 0.02%
10.01kΩ - 30.00kΩ 0.05%
30.1kΩ - 100kΩ 0.1%
101kΩ - 300kΩ 0.5%

Frequency Response

R AC/DC difference
100Hz 1kHz 10kHz
10Ω 0.01% 0.01% 0.05%
100Ω 0.01% 0.05% 0.50%
1kΩ 0.04% 0.40% 4.00%
10kΩ 0.40% 4.00%  
100kΩ 4.00%    

Pt simulation accuracy

Temperature Accuracy
Pt100 - Pt1000
-200.000....0.0°C 0.15°C
0.001....850°C 0.02°C

Ni simulation accuracy

Temperature Accuracy
Ni100 - Ni1000
-60.000....0.0°C 0.01°C
0.001....300.000°C 0.01°C

Accessories (included)

Application Software 1pc
RS232 Cable 1pc

Options (extra ordered)

Table Version
19", 3HE rack