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Phase angle measurement equipment

Model number finder

Phase Angle Voltmeter Using Discrete Fourier Transform algorithms, the PAV1010A provides capability, performance and versatility not available with traditional PAVs. PAV1010A
Phase meter High accuracy phase angle measurement SD1000
Power meters | wattmeters | multifunction power analyzers Model number finder
Power Analyzer with Harmonics High Speed & High Accuracy power measurements with harmonics analysis and flicker measurement PA1600
Single Phase Power Analyzer Single phase power analyzer, PC controlled,  comprehensive measurement at low cost PA2100
Watt meter Single phase and three phase wattmeter / power meters.  Rugged hand held PA110, PA120
Three Phase Power Analyzer Economical Three Phase Power Analyzer.  In addition to numerical results, it has waveform display PA2553
Three Phase Power Analyzer Three Phase Power Analyzer configurable as one to four channels.  Multiple Units may be daisy chained allowing synchronized multiple location measurement PA2640
Power Analyzer Single and three phase power analyzer, computer interface,  comprehensive measurement and waveform display at low cost PA2801, PA2802
PA4400A 3 phase power Analyzer Multi function 3 phase Phase Power Analyzer configurable as two, three or four channels PA4400A-3, PA4400A-4
High speed multi channel Data acquisition Model number finder
High speed data acquisition Multi channel, from 4ch to 24ch, high speed data acquisition for waveform capture, storage and analysis TransLOG 1016-4S to TransLOG 24014-4S
Calibrators for Energy, Voltage, Current, Watts, Power, Resistance, Capacitance | multifunction single phase and three phase Model number finder
Single Phase Calibrator Single phase voltage (280V), current (30A), power, power factor, energy calibrator MC133
Three Phase Calibrator Three phase voltage  (280V), current (30A), complex waveform & harmonic output, power factor, power, energy calibrator MC133C
Three Phase Calibrator Three phase voltage (280V), current (30A), power factor, power, energy calibrator MC133CI
Power Voltage Current Calibrator Multifunction Volts (1000V), amps (20A), power, energy, power factor, resistance calibrator MC140
Voltage current calibrator Lite version of MC140 - Multifunction Volts (1000V), amps (20A), resistance, thermocouple simulator calibrator MC140i
Compact Calibrator Multifunction Volts (750V), amps (2A), resistance, thermocouple calibrator MC141
Multifunction Power Calibrator Voltage (1000V), current (30A), power, energy kWHr, power factor, resistance, capacitance, thermocouple calibrator, built in DMM MC142
High Current Calibrator Precision high current calibrator (8mA to 120A at 1kHz) with internal and external  control MC151
Flexible High Frequency current probes using Rogowski Coil technology to 30MHz | co-axial shunt | voltage isolation probes Model number finder
AC coaxial shunts Use as current viewing resistor for fast risetimes, high speed pulses requiring broad bandpass in GHz.  Non-inductive design, ultra low phase shift errors Series A, F, K, L, M, R, SDN, SDN 414 and W
AC current probe Measures HF Common Mode Currents in VFD/VSDs and bearing spark erosion CMC
Current probe Non contact non intrusive high frequency current probe - "Touch and Measure" I-Probe IP520
Differential voltage probe Use with conventional scopes and data loggers for isolated and safe measurement up to 1kV peak DP9030z
Differential Voltage Probe Comprehensive range of differential voltage probes used for isolation with oscilloscopes and data loggers.  A necessity for safe measurement of high voltages.  Probes from 65V to 20kV DP14k, DP20k, DP22kpro, DP25, DP65pro, DP30HS, DP40LV, DP35, DP40k, DP150, DP200pro
High frequency current probe Ultra mini Rogowski Coil wideband current probes 1.7mm thickness coil, 3.2Hz to 20MHz CWT Ultra Mini  (e.g.. CWT1B/1/80UM)
Rogowski coil
Mini Rogowski Coil wideband compact current probe 3.5mm  thickness sense coil CWT mini e.g. CWT1B/2.5/100M/2, CWT1R/2.5/200M/5
Rogowski coil HF Mini Rogowski Coil extended frequency compact current probe 3.5mm thickness sense coil CWTminiHF1B/2.5/200
Wideband current probe CWT High frequency, Rogowski Coil, high current probe 1Hz to 20MHz CWT (e.g.. CWT1B/2.5/300, CWT1R/4/300)
Wideband current probe CWT with extended LF Freq range from 0.008Hz-12MHz Rogowski Coil CWT LF (e.g.. CWTLF1B, CWTLF1R)
Transducers | Flexible Rope-Type Current sensing | Voltage sensing | Current sensing | Isolators | Rms conversion |Trip relay | DC current sensing

Model number finder

AC current sensor Three phase and single phase Ac current sensors with Din Rail mounting conditioner, convenient clip around split core, used for current measurement where semi-permanent installation is required RCTi, RCTrms, RCTi-3ph, RCTrms-3ph, TA5V-5A, TA5V-1A, NEW RCT1A
AC current sensor Extend the current range of wattmeter's, power analyzers, data loggers, DMMs and oscilloscopes, uses clip around sense coil LFR
AC Current Sensor True Rms RMS sensing single phase and three phase Ac current sensors with Din Rail mounting conditioner, convenient clip around flexible sensor, used for current measurement where semi-permanent or permanent installation is required RCTrms, RCTrms-3ph
AC current shunt Use with wattmeter's, phase meters, DMMs and power analyzers to extend current measurement ranges.  Insulated non-inductive design, ultra low phase shift errors Option 02F/B
AC current transducers Convert current transformer 5A outputs to an isolated 4-20mA or 0-10V signal 3CTR
AC Watt Transducer Measures Power kW from 5Hz to 500Hz, available in all single phase and three phase configurations, bi-directional output P-Series
Arms Current Sensors Arms current sensor with RMS conversion, can measure ac or ac+dc CTHR
Current sensor IP65 Flexible clip around split core current sensor for ac current sensing on power distribution systems IRF, TA5V-5A, TA5V-1A
Current transducer 0-50mA to 0-5A, direct connection with isolated outputs from DC-10kHz ATH, ATHR
Current transformer Combined three phase multifunction AC Power Transducer and three phase current transformer C-Tran
Current transformer Flexible core, clip-around compact 1A & 5A current
transformers for cable or bus bar mounting
DC current measuring probe Split core clip around DCFlex takes a "snap shot" measurement of large dc currents over the range 2000A to 300,000A.  Non intrusive installation. DCFlex (DC Snapshot)
DC current sensor Through hole and split core dc and ac current sensors from 10mm (0.39") to 330mm (13"), round or rectangular aperture, DC-400Hz and DC-10kHz CTH type 1, type 2. type 3, type 4, type 5, type 8 mini, type 8, type 8 maxi, type 9, type 9z, type 10, type 11 (e.g. CTH/500A/4-20/SC/24Vdc type 8)
DC voltage transducer Conversion of dc or ac voltage to an isolated instantaneous, mean or rms output VT7 series, VT8 series
Isolator 4-20mA loop isolator and 0-10V signal isolator used for eliminating ground loops and interference ATHiso VTHiso
Flexible current probe 1A or 5A output "rope type" flexible current sensor probe based on Rogowski coil for 50/60Hz power utilities CTA
Flexible current probe Measures current and outputs 0.333V, 5V or 10V for 50/60Hz power utilities CTV
Power sensor

Power Transducers for wide ranging ac/dc generators and ac motor loads non intrusive Hall Sensor connection

PH-3A and PH-1000 Power Cell
Rms converter Rms conversion of ac voltage to a dc output signal. DC-50kHz IRF-rms
Rope current transformer Flexible rope type current transformer, clip-around with true rms output RCTrms
Trip relay Sensing Vdc, mAdc or Arms, used for protection applications, under & over alarm detection, threshold and level sensing CRD-020, CRD-005
Voltage transducer From 0-50mV to 0-500V, DC-10kHz, direct connection with isolated outputs VTH, VTHR
Watt Transducer Universal Power Transducer for wide ranging ac/dc generators and ac motor loads - non intrusive Hall Sensor connection UPC and UPC-LB

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